My Grip Bags

Grip, a frightening topic…

Loads of bulky stuff, conflicts with the fact that I want to be as portable as possible. Mutually exclusive you might say. Certainly a challenge…

Let me start with what I am trying to achieve here. I functionally want a simple setup that I can carry around with me. A couple of light stands, something to hold up a backdrop, a tripod and a monopod. Then there are the associated clips, and portable modifiers.

Light Stands
I use the Manfrotto 1052BAC light stands mainly because they clip together into a single unit, and with their very large tripod bag, you can get 5 of these Light Stands in there (I currently have 4). Two are dedicated lightstands, and two, with the cross bar, form the backdrop holder…

Modifiers are a couple of shoot through collapsible scrims, a couple of soft boxes (one medium, one large), the backdrops themselves; a large piece of black velvet and a bed sheet (doubles as an even larger soft box).

Clamps are an assortment of crocodile clips, and ‘A’ spring clamps.

So far, I have managed to squeeze this down to two large tripod bags, and a recycled jute greenwash bag… And carrier bags for the assorted props…

Reasonably portable…


PS. This all being said, get out there and create images…


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