The Zen of Hardware

Ok. I know, it isn’t about hardware… It’s about vision, creativity, thinking on your feet, problem solving… Etc…..

But at some point you have to bolt stuff together in a semblance of some order. This has to be organised into a layout that places me (the photographer), my subject, the light and the shadow in the right place… against the plan, to achieve the ballpark of what you set out to do… to achieve the vision…

Don’t forget they may be other people involved in this process; the subject themselves may have a very clear view of how they want to be seen, the make up artist has to interpret your vision in their own particular way, and artistic director may have their view on what needs to be achieved, etc… these are all the ingredients for your particular recipe…

Of course, this is still part of the iterative process that takes place to develop the image into its final form (small steps), using the plan as the direction that you want to move in.

A fundamental thing here is to understand what your hardware can do, and what it can’t. Get to know your hardware, very well. Take pictures of anything you can lay your hands on, as often as you can. Explore the boundaries of your equipment, and constantly challenge your own view of the world…

Do your drills, setup and tear down your equipment, so that you can do it without thinking… This way you can concentrate on what you want to do, create an image…

Until next time, get out there, and create more images…


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